Specialty Vendor Information


Questions: 913-895-6390

Specialty Vendor Products

Commodities offered for sale may include the following:

  • Environmental based products such as rain barrels, decorative planters and containers.
  • Artisan (home-made) based products such as hand soaps and body oils.

Any items sold for consumption must be made in a certified commercial kitchen and any prepackaged food must follow the Kansas Department of Agricultural labeling requirements.

Selection Criteria

In accordance with the Farmers’ Market philosophy, farm and food vendors will receive priority when being selected to participate at the Farmers’ Market. 

Farm vendors and then food vendors will have priority under the pavilion. 

Application Process

  1. Complete and return the 2019 Food & Specialty Vendor Application & Product List
  2. Review the following important supplemental information:

City staff may not review incomplete applications. City or farmers market staff members will contact you if they need more information. You must provide the additional application information in writing. Any significant changes made to an application may impact contracts, stall assignments or approved dates.

Upon completion of the review process, the City will inform you in writing whether your application is accepted, wait listed or declined for participation in the Farmers’ Market for the upcoming season.

Submitting an application does not guarantee participation.

Early Deadline/Notification

Before Jan. 4, 2019: Applications must be submitted no later than Jan. 4, 2019, to be notified in early February 2019 as to whether they were accepted, wait-listed or declined for the upcoming season.

Ongoing Applications

After Jan. 4, 2019: Applications that are not turned in by Jan. 4, 2019, will still be reviewed and considered in a timely manner. 

Stall/Space Fees

Learn more about payment options for all vendor types.

1 Space Space (approximately 10’ wide x 10’ deep) or
Stall (approximately 9’ wide x 18’ deep) if available
Full Season

(25 or more combined days) Three payments

  • 1st payment: $400 due by April 1
  • 2nd payment: $700 due by June 1
  • 3rd payment: $700 due by July 1
Half Season

(11-24 combined days) Two payments

  • 1st payment: $450 due by April 1
  • 2nd payment: $450 due by June 1
Saturday Only (10 or less days) - Daily rate $42
Wednesday Only (10 or less days) - Daily rate $37