TRCC Fitness Center

The fitness center at Tomahawk Ridge has top-of-the line cardio equipment, resistance training and free weights for all levels.

For those wanting to lift weights or do cardio, TRCC offers personal training, fitness assessments and equipment orientation on the Lifetime Circuit Training equipment that includes:

  • Chest press,
  • pull down,
  • shoulder press,
  • chest fly,
  • tricep press,
  • bicep curl,
  • calf extension,
  • leg press, leg curl and extension,
  • hip abduction,
  • back extension,
  • abdominal curl, and
  • back row.

In addition, there are 11 treadmills, eight ellipticals, eight bicycles, one stepper and one rower.

Visitors can watch five 42-inch flat panel televisions and two additional 27-inch TVs while working up a sweat.

Youth, ages 12-15, must attend an equipment orientation with a parent before working out on the fitness floor.