Discounted Memberships

Membership discounts for the community centers are available for the following:

Member referrals

If a current member refers a guest to MRCC and that guest becomes a member, the current member will receive one free month added to his/her membership. The current member must have an annual membership and have an account in good standing. The free month will be added only if the current member's name is recorded at the time the referred guest joins MRCC.


Overland Park adults on state or federal disability can qualify for a senior membership rate.

  • Must show state/federal Medicare/Medicaid disability card.


The discount is 25 percent off an annual membership. It applies only to the veteran and not the entire family. The veteran must show their military identification to qualify for the discount.


Overland Park residents who qualify under U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income guidelines may receive a scholarship for a half price membership.

  • Must complete a scholarship application and provide documentation of one month's income or previous year's income tax return.

Healthways Prime

This program is offered to members of the sponsoring organization. The program includes basic membership to the community center.

Downtown business owners

Those working at a Downtown Overland Park business may qualify for a corporate membership if they are in good standing with the Business Improvement District. This is an individual membership and does not apply to a family membership. The membership costs the same as a resident membership.