Going Green at MRCC

Bike Parking at Matt Ross Community CenterThe Matt Ross Community Center "reduced, reused and recycled" from construction through operation, putting these green practices in place:

  • Reusing water. Indoor pools produce a large amount condensation. This hot water is being captured and reused to heat the indoor pools. This method reduces water usage and saves energy.
  • Reduced heat island effect. Extra large islands were built in the parking lot to increase green space and provide enough room for native shade trees.
  • Buying local. All structural materials were supplied locally. This reduced air pollution, supported the local economy and utilized area resources.
  • Neutralizing emissions. The city took part in a program called, "Cool Carpet." The carbon dioxide emissions associated with the life cycle of the carpet put in the building will be neutralized with air pollution credits. In addition, the carpet has 20 percent post consumer recycled content and 34 percent post industrial recycled content.

In addition, the city combined green practices with designs that made sense and saved money. Systems like low-flow faucets and toilets, a reflective roof to reduce heat gain, high efficient lamps and light fixtures and automatic temperature control will reduce energy use for the life of the building.

To protect air quality, a cooling refrigerant without chlorine was used, and carpet, paints and finishes with low gasses and odors were applied.

Other important items are sidewalks connecting adjacent neighborhoods, bike parking, light fixtures that do not produce "up-light," and fast growing

Lyptus wood from managed forests.