Rules & Regulations

Rules and regulations must be followed at all times. A complete list of rules is available at the facility for review; this list is not all inclusive.


  • A membership or daily pass is required to use the fitness center (weight room), pools, gymnasiums or to check out equipment. A membership may be obtained for a fee any time the community center is open and are valid for one year from date of purchase. Daily passes are valid for the day of purchase only.
  • No one under the age of 10 is allowed in the building unsupervised.
  • Tobacco, drugs and the use of profanity are strictly prohibited.
  • No items may be put up for public display (brochures, flyers, pamphlets, and other materials).

Fitness area

  • You must be 16 or older to use the fitness equipment.
  • Children, ages 12-15, may use the equipment, only after they attend an equipment orientation with a parent.
  • No one under the age of 12 is allowed to use the fitness equipment.

Room reservations

  • Room reservations should be requested at least one week in advance. Reservations may be made up to 12 months in advance. Should a conflict with a city-sponsored program arise, the user will receive advance notice at least seven day in advance of the requested date, if time permits.

Party rooms

See party room information.



  • No running.
  • No diving.
  • No climbing on rocks or play features.
  • No food or glass containers.
  • Proper swim attire required; string/thong swimming suits prohibited.
  • No riding on the shoulders of others.
  • No throwing others.
  • Children under the age of 10 must be supervised by an adult at all times in the pool area.
  • Coast Guard approved lifejackets are the only allowed flotation devices, and an adult must stay within arms reach at all times.
  • Swim diapers are required for children who are still in diapers.

Water slide

  • Riders must be able to swim to the stairs on their own.
  • Riders are not allowed to be caught.
  • Riders must wait until given the signal to go.
  • Only one rider at a time is allowed.

Spa Rules

  • Timer is set for 15 minutes.
  • No one under the age of 5 is allowed in the spa and/or anyone wearing diapers.
  • Maximum time is 30 minutes, if others are waiting.
  • No jumping off of or into the spa.
  • All pool rules apply.

Physical Therapy pool rules

  • Drop in use is not allowed.
  • MRCC membership is required.
  • One 30 minute session per day; no more than three 30 minute sessions per seven day period.
  • No more than two people in the pool at a time. Both users must be members.
  • Private physical therapy sessions are not allowed during reservation times.
  • Reservations are required prior to the close of business of the previous day.
  • All reservations start on the hour and half-hour.