Swim and Dive Teams

Swim and Dive TeamThe Overland Park Waves Swim and Dive team is a recreational team for any child, 6-18, who wants to become a better swimmer.

The team provides coaching for two levels of swimmers: pre-competitive and competitive; and for divers. The Waves summer program runs smoothly with the help of a parent association and board.

Individual Teams

None of the teams should be thought of as swimming lessons, but rather as an opportunity to increase overall performance through hard work and practice.

Competitive Swim Team

This team is for those who can swim 50 meters using freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly or backstroke without stopping. The swimmer should have average or above average proficiency. Swimmers must be willing to practice at least three times per week; attending five days a week would increase their conditioning.

Pre-Competitive Swim Team

This team is for 6-11 year olds who can swim 25 meters but less than 50 meters without stopping. Pre-competitive swimmers may participate in four meets per season. During the meets, pre-competitive swimmers may swim in all events, and they will receive a ribbon for participation.

Dive Team

The diving program is open to beginners, as well as advanced divers.


  • Overland Park residents: $85 per participant.
  • Non-residents: $95 per participant.


img 21232017 Schedule


The first practice is Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at Young's Pool. This is subject to change based on school schedules.

All practices are Monday-Friday at Young's Pool.

  • Competitive: 7-8:50 a.m.
  • Pre-Competitive: 7:45-8:50 a.m.
  • Dive: 8:45-10:30 a.m.

If a Pre-Competitive swimmer comes before 7:45 a.m., a parent must accompany the pre-competitive swimmer until their practice begins. 


Competitive meets start at 6 p.m.

Pre-Competitive meets start at 8 a.m.

Dive meets start at 6 p.m.

Warm-ups begin a half hour before each meet's start time.

2017 Host Team Visiting Teams
June 8 Leawood Fairway
Olathe Overland Park
Prairie Village Merriam, Shawnee
Lenexa Roeland Park
June 15 Shawnee Lenexa
Fairway Prairie Village, Merriam
Overland Park Leawood
Roeland Park Olathe
June 22 Merriam Overland Park
Lenexa Fairway
Shawnee Olathe
Leawood Prairie Village, Roeland Park
June 29 Prairie Village Olathe
Roeland Park Merriam, Leawood
Fairway Shawnee
Overland Park Lenexa
July 6 Roeland Park Shawnee, Fairway
Merriam Lenexa
Leawood Olathe
Prairie Village Overland Park
July 12 All City at Olathe
2017 Host Team Visiting Teams
June 10 Olathe Prairie Village, Shawnee
Roeland Park Merriam, Fairway
Overland Park Leawood, Lenexa
June 17 Olathe Overland Park, Fairway
Shawnee Leawood, Lenexa
Merriam Roeland Park, Prairie Village
June 24 Olathe Merriam, Leawood
Shawnee Overland Park, Roeland Park
Fairway Prairie Village, Lenexa
June 30 (Friday) Olathe Lenexa
July 1 Leawood Prairie Village, Overland Park
Merriam Shawnee, Fairway, Roeland Park
2017 Host Team Visiting Teams
June 6 Olathe Lenexa
Prairie Village Shawnee
Merriam Leawood, Overland Park
June 13 Lenexa Merriam
Olathe Prairie Village, Overland Park
Leawood Shawnee
June 20 Merriam Olathe
Overland Park Shawnee, Lenexa
Prairie Village Leawood
June 27 Shawnee Olathe
Leawood Lenexa
Merriam Prairie Village, Overland Park
July 5 Olathe Leawood
Lenexa Overland Park
Prairie Village Shawnee, Merriam
July 8 All City at Shawnee
End-of-Season Banquet

The end-of-season banquet is July 10 from 6:30-8 p.m. at Tomahawk Ridge Community Center.

Cancellations and Notifications

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Parent Volunteers

Swim Team Parent VolunteersParent participation is needed to help make all of our meets successful for the swimmers and divers.

The following positions must be filled for every swim and dive meet. Pre-competitive meets require additional volunteers.

  • Stroke and turn judges;
  • Diving judges;
  • Timers;
  • Ribbon coordinators;
  • Pit bosses, who help swimmers get to the starting blocks for their events.

The following positions must be filled for home meets as well.

  • Runners, who take event sheets from timers to event coordinators;
  • Announcers;
  • Course Clerk;
  • Starters;
  • Head timers.