Bicycling in Overland Park

The Overland Park City Council adopted a long-term, first-ever comprehensive bicycle plan for the city.

Implementation of the suggestions in the plan, including striping roads to designate bike lanes and sharrows, which are pavement markings indicating a shared lane for bicycles and vehicles, will be reviewed on an annual basis to determine if available funding exists.

An analysis of current public bicycling amenities was done as well as surveys of the community and bicyclists to gauge perceptions of various biking opportunities.

The adopted plan includes 263 miles of bicycling infrastructure. The study estimated that 75 percent of the proposed bike plan (200 miles) may be implemented for less than $3 million, which would occur over the next 10 to 15 years.

The remainder of the plan involves better connections to existing trails, completing missing segments of the trail network, and incorporating future bike lanes into new road projects in the southern portion of Overland Park. The cost for the remaining portion of the plan may be as much as $25 million if built today. However, the plan calls for incorporating future bike lanes into new road projects to greatly minimize expenses while taking advantage of federal funding sources reducing the estimated $25 million cost to less than $5 million.

Recommendations from the plan include striping bike lanes on a number of two-lane collector streets and select four-lane thoroughfares.

2019 Striping

Crews will mark more than 50 miles of bike lanes or shared bike lanes in south Overland Park during the summer of 2019.

Approximately 30 miles of lanes were added in north Overland Park during the summer of 2018.

Current and Proposed Images