Skate Park Rules

  1. All participants use the skate park at their own risk.
  2. The skate park is unsupervised, and the user assumes all risks inherent in the use of the facility.
  3. Park is for skateboarding and in-line skates only. Bicycles, scooters and motorized vehicles are not allowed.
  4. Use of the skate park only is allowed during park hours: sunrise to dusk.
  5. All participants must wear appropriate safety gear, including helmet, elbow and knee pads.
  6. Use of the skate park is prohibited if the surface is wet or icy.
  7. Outside obstacles and modifications to the elements is prohibited.
  8. No spectators inside the skating area.
  9. Glass containers, food or drink are not allowed inside the skate park.
  10. No smoking, alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are allowed in or around the skate park.
  11. Graffiti and stickers are not allowed.