Baseball/Softball Fields

Adult Softball Game

Reserve a field:

The city has baseball/softball fields at seven parks:

  • Foxhill North, 107th and Roe (2 fields)
  • Hickory Hills, 54th Terrace and Mackey
  • Indian Valley, 116th and Knox
  • Linwood, 99th and Mission
  • Maple Hill, 85th and Switzer
  • Roe, 104th and Roe (3 fields; used by city softball leagues)
  • Young's, 77th and Antioch (2 fields)

The fields can be used for free pick up games when they are not reserved by individuals or organizations.

  • Individual rates: $10 per hour
  • Organizational rates: $1 per hour - Available to youth organizations deemed by the city to be eligible for season long reservations.

There is a $10 permit fee.

To reserve contact 913-895-6390.