School Tours

The Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens is a wonderful location for nature walks. There are many interesting birds, plants and animals. Students can be entertained for hours.

Arb_trails1Guidelines for School Tours

  • Please call 913-685-3604 ahead of time to let us know your group size and intended visit date.
  • If you have selected a date already reserved by several other school groups, we will suggest you choose a different date to ensure there are enough picnic tables, trash cans and restrooms for everyone.
  • Please bring at least one chaperone for every five children. Please select chaperones who are truly interested in monitoring your group's activities.
  • Bus/van drivers should drop off at the entrance sidewalk then park in the bus parking lot on the west side.


Regular admission fees apply for everyone attending.

The fees are based on age:

  • $3 - 13 years and older
  • $1 - Ages 6 to 12
  • Free - 5 years and younger

Resources for Teachers

CH40 20170206172050The Friends of the Arboretum & Botanical Gardens provides backpacks full of learning resources to teachers for free. Each backpacks contains enough of the following supplies for 30 students:

  • "Guide to a TREEmendous Adventure" Booklets, which students may write on and take home;
  • Tree "cookies," which are cross sections of tree trunks;
  • Age-appropriate measuring supplies;
  • Pencils.

There are two different booklets, which are written to satisfy a large number of Kansas State Science Standards.

Students will practice measurement, data collection and identification skills to improve their number sense, quantitative reasoning, problem-solving and pattern recognition skills.

Teachers can pick up and return field trip packs to the greeter in the Environmental Education Visitor Center.

Students may walk around freely in the Learning Arboretum, but please remind them not to remove anything from the environment.

To schedule your field trip and reserve your packets, call 913-685-3604.