Road Construction and Stormwater Projects

Each year, the city completes a number of road construction and public improvement projects. The design and construction of these projects such as thoroughfares, residential streets, bridges, traffic signals and storm water drainage are paid for with money dedicated to the Capital Improvements Program.

The benefits of these projects include increased safety and better traffic movement. Occasionally, there will be some traffic delays and temporary disruptions. Before departing, check out the city's traffic web cameras and interactive Road Closure Map.

Maintenance of city streets and addressing traffic flow on major streets are two of the top three priorities listed by respondents to a citywide survey.

 Road Improvements | Stormwater Projects

151st St. and Kenneth Rd. Bridge
Project manager: Kyle Dieckmann, 913-895-6053

151st Street and Kenneth BridgeThe cities of Overland Park, Kan. and Kansas City, Mo. (KCMO) and Jackson County, Mo. have partnered to replace the 151st St. and Kenneth Rd. bridge, over the Blue River. The scope includes construction of a two-lane bridge, with minor roadway improvements on each side of the bridge.  The overall project is being coordinated by Chad Thompson from KCMO and can be reached at 816-513-2738.

Shafer, Kline & Warren started the design, in March 2015. The final plans are complete. The old single lane bridge was removed in 2017 and utility relocation work started in 2018. Construction to begin in 2019 and be completed in 2020.

Metcalf Ave. Improvements, 159th to 167th streets
Project manager: Tony Rome, 913-895-6001

Proposed improvements include reconstruction of Metcalf Ave., from 159th to 167th streets, from a two-lane county road to a four-lane divided concrete roadway, with a raised median. Additionally, there will be a two-lane roundabout at the 167th St. intersection. Other Improvements include water and gas main relocations, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, storm lighting, storm sewers and restoration.

Hamm, Inc. began construction on the Metcalf Ave. improvements project, in May 2018. Work continues on both the north and south ends of Metcalf Ave., between 159th and 167th streets; and the project is scheduled to be completed, in fall 2019.

Road Closures

Metcalf Ave. is currently closed to thru traffic between 159th and 179th streets. The detour for this closure is U.S. 69 Highway and is posted. Traffic control and access for residents and businesses, within the road closure limits, are described in the four handouts below:

132nd St. Mini Roundabouts
Project manager:Kasim Azhar, 913-895-6052

The  proposed improvements include constructing mini roundabouts to improve traffic flow at the intersections of 132nd St. and Foster and 132nd and 133rd streets and Hemlock. Currently, 132nd St. and Foster is a two-way stop intersection and 132nd and 133rd streets and Hemlock is a four-way stop intersection.


Construction will begin during the summer of 2019. The 132nd St. and Foster intersection will be constructed first and will be closed to traffic. Upon completion of the mini roundabout at 132nd St. and Foster, the intersection will open to traffic and 132nd and 133rd streets and Hemlock will be closed for construction of the second mini roundabout. The project should be completed in fall 2019. There will be an open house public meeting with project details, prior to construction.

Quivira Rd., 159th to 179th streets
Project manager: Zach Matteo, 913-895-6193

Proposed improvements include reconstruction of Quivira Rd., from 159th to 179th streets. Improvements will be a concrete two-lane roadway divided with a raised median and shoulders. Other improvements include sidewalk, a multi-use trail, street lighting, storm sewers and restoration. The project includes roundabouts at 165th, 167th and 175th streets and the installation of a traffic signal at 159th St. and Quivira Rd.

Construction is anticipated to begin in July 2019. Utility relocations are underway and ongoing.

159th St., Pflumm to Quivira roads
Project manager: Zach Matteo, 913-895-6193

The cities of Overland Park and Olathe, Kan. and Johnson County, Kan. have partnered for safety improvements to 159th St., from Pflumm to Quivira roads.  Improvements include a new two-lane roadway fully reconstructed, with paved shoulders, pavement markings and new drainage ditches.  The road will generally have a smoother profile and longer flatter side slopes.  A single lane roundabout will be constructed at the Pflumm Rd. intersection, and the road will be shifted south near the airport runway.  

Utility relocations are ongoing. The project will be advertised for construction in late summer 2019, with the majority of construction anticipated to occur, in 2020.

137th St. and Lamar Roundabout
Project manager: Zach Matteo, 913-895-6193

Proposed improvements include reconstructing the intersection of 137th St. and Lamar Ave. to convert it from an all-way STOP controlled intersection to a single-lane roundabout. Improvements include multi-use trails, street lighting, storm sewers and restoration.

The project will be advertised for construction in summer 2019 and is anticipated to be complete by the end of calendar year 2019, with final restoration occurring in spring 2020.

167th St. bridges over Coffee Creek
Project manager: Tony Rome, 913-895-6001

The city of Overland Park is constructing bridges over Coffee Creek to complete the 167th St. corridor, between Switzer and Quivira roads. The scope includes construction of three bridges, two-lane connecting roadways, sidewalks, street lighting and pavement marking.

Olsson is designing the project in 2019 with construction scheduled for the years 2020 and 2021. The following exhibits and handout were presented at a public information meeting.

Stormwater Projects

Walmer Ave., 97th to 99th streets, between Walmer and Russell streets
Project manager: Lauren Garwood, 913-895-6012

Walmer stormwater projectThe existing storm sewer system will be replaced with two 4 feet by 8 feet reinforced concrete boxes; and area inlets will be added to improve existing drainage conditions in the project area, which extends along the backyards of the houses between Walmer and Russell streets, from 97th to 99th streets. This project is part of the Johnson County Stormwater Management Program and is jointly funded by Johnson County and the city of Overland Park.

Construction began in October 2018 and will be completed in September 2019.

2018 Major Storm Sewer Repair
Project manager: Ybairy K. Duin, 913-895-6235

As part of the 2018 Major Storm Sewer Repair program, the City will be replacing deteriorated storm sewer pipe and inlets at the six locations listed below. The project is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019.

  1. SW corner of 79th and Foster streets
  2. 77th Terrace, east of Metcalf
  3. Intersection of Santa Fe Dr. and Hardy St. and the intersection of Santa Fe and Shawnee drives
  4. North of 98th Terrace and England Dr.
  5. 162nd St. to 162nd Terrace, west of Metcalf
  6. 107th and Metcalf, east side of Metcalf

Construction is anticipated to be completed by spring 2020.

2019 Major Storm Sewer Repair Project

Project manager: Lauren Garwood, 913-895-6012

This project includes replacement of a failing concrete-lined open channel that extends from 97th to 99th streets, between Foster St. and Metcalf Ave.

KCP&L utility relocations will begin this summer and the construction of the ditch liner is anticipated to begin fall of 2019.