Snow Removal Priorities

During a typical snow operation, the city's streets can be completed in a continuous 24-hour period by having two crews working 12-hour shifts. Crews follow routes based on street priority.

  • Priority 1: Thoroughfares & Bridges

High traffic volume multi-lane roads such as Metcalf Avenue, College Boulevard and Antioch Road, and plowed continuously during snow operations.

  •  Priority 2: Collectors

Two-lane streets bordering a neighborhood or commercial area that move traffic to a thoroughfare street such as Lamar Avenue, 71st and 133rd streets. These are plowed from the start of snow operations until completed. Typically completed in the first 12-hour shift.

  •  Priority 3: Residential Streets

Plowed after snowfall stops and after Priority 2 streets are treated and cleared. Plowing is not required for ice or snowfalls of less than two inches; however, crews will apply materials to improve vehicle traction. Plows will make a single pass around the perimeter of cul-de-sacs. When a large storm results in the buildup of snow and ice, crews will completely plow cul-de-sacs after all streets have been completed.


Call 911 if there is a medical, fire or other public safety emergency. Police personnel will alert snow plow operators and resources will be immediately dispatched to provide emergency service support.