Snow Removal Priorities

During a routine snow plow operation the city's street system can typically be completed in a 24-hour period. This is done through two - 12-hour work shifts and an established street priority system for when streets are treated. During the first 12 hours of operation ,snow plow crews work on priority 1 and 2 streets. During the following 12 hours, work continues on the priority 1 streets while the other work crews focus on priority 3 streets.

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Priority LevelWhat is treatedDetails
1Thoroughfares & Bridges (map)Typically high traffic volume multilane roads with a posted speed of 45 mph (i.e., Metcalf, Antioch).
2Collectors streets (map)Typically 2-lane streets (30-35 mph) within neighborhood or commercial area that move traffic to a thoroughfare street. (Usually dispatched in conjunction with Priority 1.)
 Industrial commercial streets (Corporate Woods)
3Residential streets*Plowed after snowfall and after Priority 1 and Priority 2 streets are cleared. If ice or only light snow occurs (less than two inches), and plowing is not required, city trucks will spread materials only.
 Cul-de-sacs & AlleysFor the numerous residential cul-de-sacs, snow plows will routinely make a single pass around the perimeter as they work the priority 3 streets. Where large storm events cause the build up of snow and ice to create an impassable condition, snow crews will completely plow the cul-de-sac center once all the priority streets have been completed.
OtherCity parking lotsPlowed by contractors and available city employees.
 Downtown area
 EmergenciesCall 911 if there is a medical, fire or other public safety emergency. Police personnel will alert snow and ice control resources immediately to provide emergency service support.

* The city does not plow sidewalks or driveways unless it is part of city-owned property.

Street Definitions

Map of street definitions for a collector and thoroughfare

Thoroughfare: A heavily traveled street or highway (i.e., Metcalf, Switzer, Nall).

Collector: Collect and move traffic generated by a neighborhood to a thoroughfare street.

Industrial Streets: Streets within a business community (i.e., Corporate Woods).