How to Help the Plows

Residential streets are plowed and treated so they are passable, which means the street may not be cleaned down to the pavement, but vehicles can maneuver through the neighborhood.

Residents and businesses can aid snow crews by following the guidelines below.

While Streets are Being Plowed or Treated

  • Wait until snow plows have made at least one clear path before driving on a street.
  • Do not park on streets until the street has been plowed. Parked vehicles slow down plow trucks and may block them completely.
  • Place trash cans at least 3 feet behind the curb.
  • Remove basketball goals from street curbs or driveway entrances. The city is not responsible for damages if the goal is left in the right of way.

After Streets are Plowed or Treated

  • Street snow plowing will normally leave a windrow of snow across driveways. Shoveling these blocked driveways is a resident responsibility.
  • Keep sidewalks free of ice and snow.