Snow and Ice Removal

The city's Public Works Department follows a priority system for clearing snow and ice from more than 2,000 lane miles of streets and bridges. This includes:

  • 1,866 cul-de-sacs
  • 1,988 lane miles
  • 54 bridge decks
  • 20 miles of border roads

Over 170 city employees from the Public Works, Parks Services, Recreation Services, Planning, Police and Fire departments come together to respond in a weather event. Large dump truck plows and pickup-style plows, along with contracted large and pickup-style plows, are employed to clear the streets.

Storm Updates

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2016-2017 Season

Last winter's weather was relatively mild. Overland Park received four inches of snow spread out over five different weather events between early December and late January.

Snow crews focused on ice control, spreading about 5,000 tons of salt. In a typical year, crews plan to use about 8,000 tons of salt.