Residential Fences

Residential Fence913-895-6270 or 913-895-6217

Fencing is a property asset that can add both beauty and profit to your home. Having the added security of an exterior fence can make your home feel like your own personal oasis - if it's properly maintained.

The city has codes/ordinances requiring residents to maintain their fences in good, sound condition. This means they must be free of damage, breaks or missing structural members, and if they are leaning, buckling, sagging or deteriorating, they must be repaired or replaced with compatible materials.

A fence permit is required if you are constructing a new fence and/or extending or replacing an existing one. A plot plan of the property showing where the fence will be located is required before the permit is issued. For more information, call 913-895-6225.

Fences cannot be taller than 8 feet.