Preventing Rodents

It is against city ordinance for any property owner to allow an infestation of rats or mice. Being vigilant and ensuring you don't allow these rodents to burrow (find a warm place to call home) will help you control and eliminate them:

  • Disrupt their environment by moving items that border their runways.
  • Purchase snap traps (3"x7") and box traps and place them in the rodents' pathways; force them to pass over the trigger by creating obstacles. 
    • Two or more traps placed closely together produce the best results. 
    • Peanut butter, nutmeats, doughnuts or any other protein food make good bait.
  • Rodenticides, particularly anti-coagulants, are easy to use and effective, but should be used with extreme caution around pets or children. 
    • For best results, look for poisons with: Brodifacoum, Bromadiolone or Diphacinone.
  • "Rodent proof" your house by keeping your property free of garbage and refuse and any other items that would provide food, water or shelter.
    • All garbage and refuse should be stored in galvanized rust resistant containers with tight fitting lids. Dumpsters should be kept closed at all times.
  • All cracks or breaks in the foundation walls should be repaired as well as gaps where pipes and wires enter or exit the structure. Windows and doors should fit tightly. 
  • Grass should be mowed frequently. 
  • Any item stored outside, particularly wood, should be kept 18 inches above the ground. 
  • Stacks of papers, books, boxes or other items should be stored away from a wall.