Garage Sales

Garage saleSale Regulations

Garage sales, particularly neighborhood-wide sales, are popular in the spring and fall. These sales are operated at a residence for the sale of new or used household goods or property.

A permit is not required for a garage sale; however, homeowners are limited to two sales per year. Sales may last no longer than four days each time and there must be at least 30 calendar days between sales. Items for sale may be placed in the garage, driveway, or yard, but not in the public right of way.

Sample sales are permitted if operated by sales representatives and held at his or her home.


The city has codes and ordinances governing the placement and appearance of garage sale signs.

One sign is allowed at the home where the sale is taking place. You may place signs directing people to your sale on private property with the resident's permission. Pointer signs may not be placed in street medians or on the public right of way.

The city will not install temporary "No Parking" signs on streets adjacent to or near garage sales.