Approved Trees for Overland Park Street Right-of-Ways

Overland Park encourages new trees to be planted but stresses the importance of "Right Tree, Right Place," especially within the city right-of-way. It is important to take into consideration the location of where the tree will be planted and species.  Trees are a long term investment!

Overland Park restricts the planting of trees in some locations within the right-of-way.  Examples would be to keep clear sight lines at an intersection, plant to not inhibit street lights or to ensure that a tree isn't planted to close to a fire hydrant. Restrictions and clearance requirements can be found here in Chapter 7.16.150 of the Municipal Code. 

Before you plant a new tree, make sure that your tree is listed in the Approved Trees list below. This list acts as a guide and by no way covers all the cultivars and species that might be allowed.  If your tree is not on this list, contact the city forester for approval prior to planting. 

To request your own copy of the Approved Trees for Overland Park planting guide, contact the city forester or print your own here (Approved Tree List for Street Right-of-Ways in Overland Park)

If you are looking to plant a tree on your own property, outside of the right-of-way, take a look at this brochure for some ideas of trees that do well in Overland Park (Trees for Overland Park)

Approved trees to be planted within street right-of-way:

Botanical NameCommon NamePopular CultivarsHeight (ft)Spread (ft)CharacteristicsNotes
Acer buergeranumMaple,Trident 3525Oval shape; yellow/red/orange fall color 
Acer campestreMaple, Hedge 3530Dense and low branching if not prunedvery tolerant of soil
Acer ginnalaMaple, Amur 1515Rounded; red fall colorUsually multi-trunk; can scorch in heat
Acer griseumMaple, Paperbark 2520Upright oval; bright red/orange fall color; brown exfoliating barkSlow growing and not drought tolerant
Acer miyabeiMaple, MiyabeState Street4025Yellow fall color 
Acer saccharumMaple, SugarCaddo, John Pair3030Glossy leaves; red fall color 
Acer saccharumMaple, SugarGreen Mountain, Legacy, Commemoration5035Oval/round shape, yellow orange fall color 
Acer tataricumMaple, TatarianHotwings2020Rounded shape, yellow fall color 
Acer truncatum x platanoidesMaple, Norwegian Sunset/Pacific Sunset

Warrenred, Keithsform

2520Upright, oval- dark foliage with yellow/red fall colorTolerant of heat and drought
Acer truncatumMaple, Shantung 2015Rounded crown with yellow orange fall colorTolerant of heat and drought, great small tree
Amelanchier x grandifloraServiceberry (single trunk)Autumn Brilliance, Princess Diana2515Oval, rounded; usually multi-stemCan sucker from base 
Cercis canadensisRedbud/Whitebud 2530Small rounded; pink flowers in spring, yellow fall colorDifficult to prune for clearance
Corylus colurnaTurkish Filbert 4530pyramidal; yellow fall colorNeeds large space
Ginkgo bilobaGinkgoPrinceton Sentry4015upright and narrow shape, fan shaped leavesVery slow grower, can scorch in heat but otherwise drought tolerant
Ginkgo bilobaGinkgoAutumn Gold4535Pyramidal shape; fan shaped leaves, bold yellow fall colorVery slow grower
Gleditsia triacanthos inermisThornless HoneylocustImperial6040Broadly rounded; small leaflets, yellow fall colorEssentially fruitless
Gleditsia triacanthos inermisThornless HoneylocustShademaster, Skyline4535Vase shaped; yellow fall colorEssentially fruitless
Gymnocladus dioicusKentucky CoffeetreeEspresso6040Oval to vase shaped, yellow fall colorEspresso is fruitless cultivar, very tough in drought
Koelreuteria paniculataGoldenrain tree 3030Irregular rounded; yellow flowers in spring, interesting seed podsSeedlings can be prolific
Malus spp.CrabappleRoyal Raindrop, Adirondack, Velvet Pillar2015Upright or pyramidal; various colors of bloom and fall colorMany cultivars on market, choose for disease resistance, bloom color and size/shape. Can sucker from base
Metasequoia glyptostroboidesDawn Redwood 8025Pyramidal; deciduous conifer; red brown fall colorNeeds large space
Nyssa sylvaticaBlack Gum 4525Oval; brilliant red/orange fall colorPrefers well-drained acid soil
Platanus x acerifoliaLondon Planetree



5040Attractive exfoliating bark, yellow fall colorThese cultivars are anthracnos tolerant, needs large space 
Quercus acutissimaOak, Sawtooth 5050Pyramidal; lustrous leaves with golden fall color; fast growing in youthAdaptable to any soil conditions
Quercus albaOak, White 6050Rounded; red fall colorDifficult to establish
Quercus bicolorOak, Swamp White 5050Broad, rounded; interesting bark, yellow fall colorProven great drought tolerance
Quercus coccineaOak, Scarlet 7045Rounded; fast growing; glossy green leaves with scarlet fall colorTolerant of wide range of soil conditions
Quercus imbricariaOak, Shingle 5040Broad, rounded, russet yellow fall color 
Quercus macrocarpaOak, Bur 6060Broadly rounded; yellow green fall color 
Quercus muehlenbergiiOak, Chinkapin 5045Round; leaves yellow to russet orange fall color 
Quercus phellosOak, Willow 5035Pyramidal; bright green foliage with russet red fall colorCan tolerate poorly drained soils
Quercus roburOak, English 5550Broadly round, no fall colorAcorns are long and slender; columnar cultivars available
Quercus rubraOak, Northern Red 6545Rounded; fast growing; red fall colorTolerant of pollution and compacted soil
Quercus shumardiiOak, Shumard 5040Oval round; leaves russet red fall color 
Syringa pekinensisLilac, China SnowMorton1515Upright; yellow fall color with white flowers in late springTree form lilac; can sucker at base
Syringa reticulataLilac, JapaneseIvory Silk2520Rounded vase; no fall color but white flowers in late summerTree form lilac; can sucker at base
Taxodium distichumBaldcypress 7025Pyramidal spade; deciduous conifer; red/orange fall colorAdaptable to wet or dry sites
Tilia americanaLinden, AmericanAmerican Sentry, Continental Appeal, Legend4530Symmetrically pyramidal; pale yellow fall color, fragrant flowers in springPrune for clearance and strong branch attachment
Tilia tomentosaLinden, SilverSterling Silver5030Upright Oval; green leaves with silver underside; leaves turn yellow in fall; yellow flowers in springLarge root system
Tilia tomentosaLinden, SilverGreen Mountain6050Broadly Oval; dark green leaves with silver underside; yellow fall colorLarge root system
Ulmus americanaElm, AmericanPrinceton, Valley Forge, New Harmony6555Majestic vase shaped shade tree; yellow fall colorImportant to choose Dutch Elm Disease resistant cultivar
Ulmus parvifoliaAllee Lacebark ElmEmer II4540Upright; resembles american elm; mottled barkDutch Elm Disease resistant
Ulmus wilsonianaElm, ProspectorProspector4030Vase shaped; yellow fall colorDutch Elm Disease resistant
Ulmus XElm HybridsAccolade, Frontier, Patriot, Triumph, Emerald Sunshine5040Varies by cultivars but typically upright vase shapedGreat drought tolerance
Zelkova serrataZelkova, ColumnarMusashino4515Tight pyramidal; yellow/orange fall colorAdaptable to many different soils
Zelkova serrataZelkova, JapaneseVillage Green, Green Vase5045Upright rounded vase; fast growing; red fall color