Property Maintenance Tips

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Overland Park strives to maintain high standards for the quality of life of our residents. Poor property maintenance affects our environment, health, safety and property values.

Use these resources to help avoid a possible violation on your property and maintain the value of your home.

  • Care & Maintenance of a Septic System
    A septic system, even if designed and installed properly, can still fail if household water use is not monitored.
  • Exterior Maintenance & Storage
    The city has adopted codes and ordinances addressing the exterior maintenance and storage of household items.
  • Garage Sales
    Garage sales, particularly neighborhood-wide sales, are popular in the spring and fall.
  • Gravel Driveways
    Gravel driveways are not permitted in the city unless they were in existence prior to June 1, 1991, and were included in a gravel driveway survey completed at that time.
  • Parking and Storage of Commercial Vehicles, RVs, Boats and Trailers
    The city has adopted codes and ordinances concerning the parking, storage and use of commercial and recreational vehicles (RVs), boats and trailers.
  • Parking and Storage of Personal Vehicles
    The city has adopted codes and ordinances concerning the parking and storage of personal vehicles, particularly abandoned or inoperable vehicles.
  • Preventing Rodents
    It is against city ordinance for any property owner to allow an infestation of rats or mice.
  • Residential Fences
    Fencing is a property asset that can add both beauty and profit to your home.
  • Tall Grass and Weeds
    The city has adopted minimum requirements for mowing or trimming grass and other vegetation on private property.