Code Compliance Process

The Code Compliance Process can be started by a complaint from a resident, visitor or city staff member and/or observation by an inspector.

After a complaint has been made, an inspector will visit the property to determine if the owner has violated a city ordinance/code.

If a violation exists, a notice will be left on the door or mailed to the property owner. The notice will identify the violation(s) and specify a date when all cleanup and repairs should be completed. A follow up inspection will be scheduled.

Letter of Intent to Correct

This letter can be sent if weather conditions, financial difficulties, family illness or other legitimate circumstances prevent an owner from fixing the violations by the re-inspection date. To get this letter, the property owner must contact the city, 913-895-6270, before the re-inspection date.

Enforcement options

Notice to Appear in Municipal Court

  • Mandatory Notice - Defendant is required to appear in Municipal Court on the date designated on the notice.
  • Non-Mandatory Notice - Defendant has the option of waiving his or her court appearance and can plead "no contest" or "guilty" and can mail the fine listed on the reverse side of the notice.

Issuance of a work order

After proper notification, an inspector may issue a work order to correct or remove a violation from a property. A work order may be issued for tall weeds/grass or for removing trash and debris stored on a property, as an example. When the city abates a violation by a work order:

  • The property owner is responsible for the cost of the work and a $100 administrative fee. If not paid, the cost will be assessed to the property as a special tax assessment through Johnson County.
  • The property owner, person in control of the property and/or tenant is subject to receive a Mandatory Notice to Appear in Municipal Court.

Failed inspection fees

If the owner fails to correct the problem by the re-inspection date (and a Letter of Intent to Correct has not been issued), the owner will be charged a failed inspection fee of $140.

An additional $140 fee will be charged for each failed inspection until the property is in compliance.

Failure to pay the entire amount within 30 days from the date of the Notice of Cost will require Community Services staff members to refer this case to the Johnson County Tax and Administration Office for the purpose of filing a special tax assessment against the property. Should this become necessary, this action will result in an additional administrative cost of $70 being charged to you. The city may also seek additional remedies to recover costs including interest and attorney's fees, when applicable.