Special/Dangerous Animal Permits

Three CatsAny person who wishes to own, keep, or harbor more than two dogs or more than two cats must apply for a special animal permit.

The fee is $100 for the first year, and $50 each renewal year (OPMC 6.04). The permit will be issued for the animals listed in the application; it is not transferable.

A dangerous animal permit is required for animals deemed dangerous by the city. This includes snakes which present a risk of serious physical harm or death to humans, and other "dangerous animals" as defined in OPMC 6.10.010:

  • Pit bull dogs are banned, unless the animals were registered with the city prior to July 27, 2006.
  • Wolf-hybrid dogs, including Tundra Shepherds, also are prohibited.
  • Owners of such animals continuously registered since July 27, 2006, must follow mandatory requirements regarding leash/muzzle, confinement, signs and insurance.

To get a dangerous animal permit, you must contact the City Clerk's Office, 913-895-6150.