Cat Regulations

A CatThe city does not have a leash law for cats; however, Animal Control does respond to cat complaints, particularly if the cat has harmed someone or damaged property.

Before contacting Animal Control to pick up your neighbor's cat, try talking to your neighbor. Chances are, he or she had no idea the cat was out, much less damaging your property.

Cat control:

Cats must be under the control of their owner, keeper or harborer at all times. A cat shall be considered not under control and in violation in the following situations:

A cat is out of control if:

  • A neighbor complains orally or in writing to the owner, keeper or harborer of a cat, that the cat is entering upon the neighbor's property, then the cat's presence on the neighbor's property at any time subsequent to the neighbor's complaint shall constitute a violation.
  • It causes injury to persons or animals.
  • It causes damage to property off its owner's, keeper's or harborer's property to include, but not limited to, breaking, bruising, tearing up, digging up, crushing, or injuring any lawn, garden, flower bed, plant, shrub or tree in any manner or defecating or urinating upon private property.