School Resource Officers

For nearly 20 years, the Police Department has had uniformed officers in the middle and high schools, serving as School Resource Officers, or SROs. These officers provide a variety of educational materials to their school communities and provide law enforcement information and guidance to students, parents and school staff.

School Resource Officers provide a positive police presence within their respective schools and investigate criminal matters that occur on school grounds and/or are school-related.


Blue Valley School District

Blue Valley Academy

Officer Doug Rison

S: 913-239-4505
C: 913-535-3205

Blue Valley High

Officer Trevor Burgess

S: 913-239-4825
C: 913-302-1913

Blue Valley North

Officer Tina Morse

S: 913-239-3025
C: 913-909-5247

Blue Valley Northwest

Officer Richard Spandle

S: 913-239-3406
C: 913-535-3253 

Blue Valley West

Officer Jimmie Neal

S: 913-239-3711
C: 913-535-3103

Blue Valley Southwest

Officer Matthew Buelt

S: 913-624-2061
C: 913-535-3259

Harmony & Oxford Middle

Officer Tracy Gibson

S: 913-239-5236 (HMS)
S: 913-239-5531 (OMS)
C: 913-535-3262

Blue Valley & Pleasant Ridge Middle

Officer James Ho

S: 913-239-5135 (BVMS)
S: 913-239-5729 (PRMS)
C: 913-535-3261

Lakewood & Overland Trail Middle

Officer Antoinette Covington

S: 913-239-5823 (LMS)
S: 913-239-5427 (OTMS)
C: 913-535-3260

Aubry Bend

Officer Patricia Cleary

S: 913-624-2329
C: 913-449-0714



Saint Thomas Aquinas High School

St. Thomas Aquinas

Officer Ken Ufford

S: 913-319-2431
C: 913-669-7242



Shawnee Mission School District

Shawnee Mission North

Officer Travis McClanahan

S: 913-993-6922
C: 913-535-3255

Shawnee Mission West

Officer Jose Carrillo

S: 913-993-7822
C: 913-535-3247

Shawnee Mission South

Officer Kyle Lathrop

S: 913-993-7522
C: 913-535-3253

Indian Woods Middle

Officer Justin Seals

S: 913-993-0622
C: 913-535-3199

Westridge Middle

Officer Dana Harrison

S: 913-993-1206
C: 913-909-5171

S = school
C = cell

If your child's school is not listed, the SRO is likely from a neighboring police department.