Open Garage Door Burglaries

Open Garage Door Burglaries

Overland Park  experiences numerous residential burglaries from open or unsecured homes. Approximately half of all aggravated and residential burglaries occur because of open garage doors.Nighttime open garage door

It takes only a matter of minutes for a criminal, driving down the street, to stop, enter the garage and house and take whatever they can carry out.

A resident can significantly reduce his or her chances of becoming a victim by closing and securing all entry points to the house. This includes shutting the garage door while mowing or doing other yard work, even if you're in the front yard.

Residents who often forget to shut their garage door should consider purchasing an "open garage door indicator" that alerts them when the garage door has been left open. Also, some garage door manufacturers have an automatic system that recognizes when a garage door has been left open and will close it after a specified period of time. If you're interested, contact your garage door manufacturer or a company in the phone book

For other residential security concerns, contact community policing for a free security survey with an officer board certified by the American Society of Industrial Security.