Rental Licensing and Inspection



A rental license is required for all rental homes in Overland Park.

The rental license and inspection program facilitates well-maintained residential properties and strengthen the city’s neighborhoods.

Permitting Cycle

This program began in July 2017, when the city’s community services division identified all potential rental properties in the city. All property owners who rent their properties out should now have a valid rental license. To register a rental property with this program, please contact community services at 913-895-6270.

The rental license program runs on a two-year cycle. Each rental property is inspected and permitted once during a two-year period, unless additional inspections are required. Rental permits expire in the same month they were issued, two years after they were issued.

Use the interactive map to locate your property and determine when rental licenses in your area will expire. The map does not indicate whether a property is a rental property, but shows the inspection month by area. Use ePLACE, the city’s online permitting system to determine whether a property has a valid rental license.

Licensed Properties

  1. Two months prior to a property's scheduled inspection date the city will send a courtesy notice to the owners of licensed rental dwellings informing them that an invoice will be forthcoming.
  2. Thirty days before a property’s permit expires, the city will send a rental license invoice to the property’s listed contact person. Invoices can be paid on-line at ePLACE or by check or credit card.
  3. Once the invoice is paid, the city will send a rental license permit to the property owner.
  4. The city will conduct an exterior inspection of the property during the scheduled inspection month.
  5. Inspection results will be sent to the owner or designated contact person.  If inspectors find deficiencies, the owners will be notified of the need to bring the property up to code.

Unlicensed Properties

To maintain records, the city regularly checks Johnson County tax records for properties that appear to be rental properties. Properties that are not already included in the city’s rental database will receive a notice two months before the scheduled inspection date. These owners must either contact and inform the city the property is not being offered for rent, or apply for a rental license at which time the city will generate a rental license invoice for the property.


During rental licensing inspection, community services staff will inspect the exterior of a property for compliance with the city’s property maintenance code. Use the rental license inspection checklist to learn what's covered by inspections and ensure your property is in compliance.

License Fees

The rental license fee of $120 per building provides financial support for this program, funding licensing, inspection, and code compliance for rental properties. Licenses are good for two years.