Rental Licensing and Inspection


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The rental licensing program is part of the City's code compliance program.

The program requires owners to obtain and maintain a valid rental license and pass an exterior inspection of each rental property. 

The $60 per building fee funds licensing, inspection and code compliance for rental properties annually. Rental licenses will be good for two years, making the minimum fee for a single rental dwelling unit $120.

What's Covered

The rental licensing program exists to provide safe living conditions for renters, strengthen residential neighborhoods and provide a well-maintained community for everyone.

See the Rental License Inspection Checklist for more details about what's covered by the inspections.

Inspection Cycles

The program will be phased in on a month-by-month basis over a two-year period. Inspection phases will be:

  • Phase One: July 2017-April 2018
  • Phase Two: July 2018-April 2019
  • Inspection cycle restarts: July 2019

Landlords and other interested parties are encouraged to use the interactive map to see when their properties are scheduled for inspection. The map will show the month and the year of the inspection.

How the Program Works

  1. Two months prior to a property's scheduled inspection date the City will notify the owners of rental dwellings of the need to file a rental license application.
  2. Property owners should return the completed application to the City.
  3. Upon receipt of the application, the City will make note of the appropriate contact information for the property and schedule the inspection.
  4. The City will generate an invoice and send it to the appropriate contact person.
  5. Upon payment of the invoice, the City will send a Rental License Permit to the owner.
  6. The City will conduct an inspection sometime within the month that the property was scheduled for inspection.
  7. The City will notify the appropriate contact person of the inspection results. If inspectors find deficiencies, the owners will be notified of the need to bring the property up to code.

If you are not notified in the appropriate time period or if you have any questions please call Community Services Division at 913-895-6270 or email us at

Apply for a License

Apply for a rental license using ePLACE, the City's online portal for permitting, licensing and inspections. Within ePLACE, select "rental property permit."

Please do not apply for a rental license earlier than two months prior to your prescheduled inspection date. 

If your prescheduled inspection date has passed, submit an application as soon as possible.