Neighborhood Indicators 2012

Overland Park has compiled neighborhood indicator information for several years, beginning with 2011.

Maps and Graphs

  • Maps: Six citywide maps are provided portraying the recent conditions found in each neighborhood in relationship to the set of six key indicators.
  • Graphs: Seven graphs are provided reporting five-year trends for each indicator in individual Neighborhood Conservation Program neighborhoods. Graphs for absentee ownership and part one crime are broken down by type of dwelling unit.
 MultifamilySingle FamilyDuplexCitywide
Absentee Ownership Map      
Absentee Ownership Graphs    
Crime Graphs (Part One)  
Crime Graphs (Property)  
Median Appraised Value Map      
Median Appraised Value Graphs      
Property Maintenance Graphs      
Property Maintenance Map      

Updated 10/2013 with 2012 data. Documents are provided in Adobe PDF format.