Physical Assistance

Physical assistance may be necessary if a homeowner is having difficulty maintaining his or her property due to physical disabilities or medical problems.

If a resident is financially stable, they should hire a contractor. If financial problems exist, volunteers may be available.

  • Relatives: Ask children, siblings or other relatives to help with small projects.
  • Neighbors: Ask a neighbor if they can help with minor property improvements.
  • Religious institutions: If you don't belong to one, call the one closest to your home. They may have a youth group looking for a community project.
  • Scout Troops: Check with a local school to determine if a Boy or Girl Scout Troop is looking for a small clean-up project.
  • Property Maintenance Contractors: Private contractors provide property maintenance services for a fee. Check the local yellow pages for listings. Senior Link can assist the elderly with contacting providers for bids. 816/753-4474.
  • Volunteer Center of Johnson County: Can help organize a group clean-up project at your home. 913-341-1792.
  • Christmas in October: Coordinates volunteers to provide property maintenance assistance to those in need. 816/531-6443.
  • Organized Neighborhoods: Organized neighborhood groups may coordinate volunteers when no other assistance is available. 913-895-6270.

Just need ideas to help maintain your home? The First Suburbs Idea Book examines four common housing types (ranch, split level, two-story and cape cod) and provides ideas for updating and adding onto your home. 913-895-6270.