Informed Home Buying

The purchase of a home is often the most significant expense a person will make in his or her lifetime. Becoming an informed consumer before purchasing, helps protect your investment and avoid unnecessary surprises and frustrations.

Whether you are buying a new or an older home, the city encourages all prospective home buyers to:

  1. Obtain and examine information available from the city (see Related Links), including current zoning, future land use designation, and future road designation of the land that abuts their homes or neighborhood.
  2. Inspect the home and other structures on the property and evaluate their condition and quality of construction. Take reasonable action either by your own evaluation or that of a professional to determine if the home was constructed in compliance with building and construction codes.
  3. For prospective buyers of a newly constructed home, research the homebuilder and find out his or her reputation in the community for quality construction and customer service.
  4. Review the seller's disclosure statement, which is required to be shared with the buyer (and signed) on all newly constructed single-family homes or duplexes. If you're buying an older home, and are not required to sign this document, you may wish to review the disclosure statement for your own benefit.
  5. Review the real estate records at the Johnson County Register of Deeds Office and the Johnson County Appraiser's Office to determine the existence of recorded deed restrictions and covenants, notices of current or future tax assessments, and other matters which might affect the house and/or other structures or the land that you are considering purchasing.