Home Improvement

Overland Park values its neighborhoods as the building blocks of the city.

Following the city's property maintenance codes ensures that our neighborhoods continue to be safe, healthy and pleasant places for residents to live. Should physical or financial limitations get in the way, there are resources available to help you.

Financial Assistance

Johnson County offers eligible homeowners help bringing their homes into compliance with local housing codes. Learn more about the HOME Program on the County's website.

Physical Assistance

Physical assistance may be necessary if a homeowner is having difficulty maintaining his or her property.

  • Contractors: If a resident is financially stable, they should hire a licensed contractor.
  • Relatives: Ask children, siblings or other relatives to help with small projects.
  • Neighbors: Ask a neighbor if they can help with minor property improvements.
  • Religious institutions: If you don't belong to one, call the one closest to your home. They may have a youth group looking for a community project.
  • Scout Troops: Check with a local school to determine if a Boy or Girl Scout Troop is looking for a small clean-up project.
  • Organized Neighborhoods: Organized neighborhood groups may coordinate volunteers when no other assistance is available. 913-895-6270.