Young’s Park

The neighborhood boundaries are Lowell to Antioch, 75th to 79th streets.

Named after Young's Park, Young's Park neighbors first met in 1999. The group has worked together with the city to construct a walking trail in the park and to help make improvements to Young's Pool.

  • 561 residents
  • 224 single family homes - 11 percent of single family homes are absentee-owned
  • 38 duplex units and 0 multi-family units - 76 percent of duplexes are absentee-owned
  • Mean home value: $143,800
  • Mean year homes were built: 1950
  • 26 property maintenance cases were reported in 2008

Neighborhood goals:

  • Organize social events;
  • Publish a neighborhood newsletter;
  • Promote neighborhood safety; and
  • Improve property maintenance concerns by offering informational seminars at meetings.

Neighborhood Indicators

Neighborhood indicators report measurable changes of conditions over a five-year trend. Individual neighborhood indicator stats are also available for this neighborhood.

Neighborhood meetings:

Meetings are called as needed by the chairperson. To contact your chairperson, call 913-895-6270 or email