Request a Newsletter

The Newsletter Request Form must be used to request printing/publishing of a neighborhood newsletter. A newsletter is any mailing that is more than one, double-sided page.

Neighborhood Conservation Program staff will not prepare or print a newsletter without a completed Newsletter Request Form.

Please submit requests at least three weeks prior to the date you would like the newsletter mailed. Three weeks allows time for preparing the newsletter, proofing, printing and mailing.

Neighborhood Conservation Program
staff will prepare newsletters according to requests. Providing articles in Word format on disk or through e-mail is beneficial in reducing preparation time. Draft newsletters will be forwarded to a neighborhood contact person for proofing before mailing. A neighborhood group can prepare its own newsletter and the Neighborhood Conservation Program will print needed copies. Draft newsletters will be forwarded to the city's Communications Division for review. Final draft newsletters are taken to a professional printer for copying, labeling and mailing.

Four newsletters are provided each year to Neighborhood Conservation Program groups.

Writing guidelines:
The following guidelines are to protect the interests of the City of Overland Park and the neighborhood conservation groups:

  • Each article must be neutral in its content and contain details that are factual.
  • Articles should not endorse any product or company. Acknowledgement may be given to individuals or companies that donate services or products in association with a neighborhood endeavor.
  • The use of copyright material is prohibited including text, photographs or graphics unless permission is granted through a purchase or received in writing from the creator or legal owner of the material.
  • Each newsletter shall include the statement that the publication is edited, printed and distributed by the City of Overland Park.
  • No article of the newsletter will contain information that directly or indirectly promotes, encourages, endorses or communicates any political position of an elected public official, candidate, business, organization or individual.