Request an Agenda

The Agenda Request Form or Flier Request Form must be used to request regular meeting agendas and/or special event fliers. Neighborhood Conservation Program staff will not prepare agendas or fliers without a completed Notice Request Form.


  • Please submit requests at least two weeks prior to the meeting or event. Two weeks allows time for preparing the agenda/flier, proofing, printing and mailing.


  • Agendas: A standard agenda template is used. Submitted agendas will be typed into the template. The neighborhood group will not proof draft agendas unless requested.
  • Fliers: A flier is considered a double-sided single page that does not require an envelope to mail. City staff will prepare fliers according to requests. They will be forwarded to a contact person in the neighborhood group for proofing before mailing. A neighborhood group can prepare its own flier and the Neighborhood Conservation Program will print needed copies.

Labeling and mailing:

  • Agendas: Agendas are mailed only to the neighborhood group steering committee. It is the responsibility of the group to provide updated steering committee lists.
  • Fliers: For neighborhood-wide distribution, we request that groups label the fliers and deliver to the post office. The Administrative Assistant will fold fliers, prepare labels and prepare the postage statement. Mailings with more than 200 pieces will be dropped off at the Bulk Mailing Office at the Shawnee Mission Post Office, 6024 Broadmoor.


  • Agendas: An unlimited number of regular meeting agendas are provided.
  • Fliers: Three mailed fliers and three hand-delivered fliers are provided each year.