Tree Maintenance Within the Right-of-Way

Action, Santa Fe Cleanup (13)Responsibility of Adjacent Property Owner and the City

Parks Services forestry crew will assist with the full removal of dead trees and storm debris clean up.  Forestry will only trim a tree if it poses an immediate threat to the right of way or property. Trimming of typical deadwood, providing clearance over the street and sidewalk (8 feet over the sidewalk and 12.6 feet over the street) and trimming for aesthetic purposes is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.

Removal of trees within the right of way is prohibited unless authorized by the city forester. For more information or to request a free inspection; contact the city forester.


It is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner to trim low limbs over the street and sidewalk.  The city often receives complaints through Overland Park Cares or by phone.  When a complaint is received, the city forester will notify the property owner of the violation and give them 30 days to complete the work.  If an extension is not granted by the city forester and the work has not been completed, a case will be opened with the Community Services division.  Non-compliance could result in the city contracting to have the violation cleared and the cost assessed to the property owner.

Planting within the Right-of-Way

Trees are encouraged within the right of way as long as they are the "Right Tree, in the Right Place."  Overland Park restricts planting in some areas and has an approved list of species.  Visit Approved Trees for Overland Park Right-Of-Way to see the full list or request a hard copy.  Remember before you dig, call 811 to have utilities located for free!

Storm Damage

To report limbs blocking the street or sidewalk after a storm, create a service ticket through Overland Park Cares. For limbs blocking the road after normal work hours, contact the non-emergency police dispatch center at 913-895-6300.  The city does not have a debris drop-off site.  In the event of a large citywide event, a temporary site might be set up.  Contact Parks Services for more information 913-327-6630.