Traffic Signal and Sign Repairs

street light replacementThe city has more than 270 traffic signals and 31,892 traffic and street signs.

Traffic signals are designed, constructed and operated to allow for safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians through heavily traveled or hazardous locations.

Most of the traffic signals in Overland Park are triggered by detection loops within the pavement, others are triggered by video detection cameras or have timing patterns that change throughout the day based on traffic needs.

Problems occasionally develop because the electronic components fail, bulbs burn out or the signal is damaged by weather or an accident.

Signs are grouped into categories:

  • Regulatory: Speed, stop or yield signs;
  • Warning: Diamond-shaped with a yellow background, such as "curve ahead;" and
  • Guide: Usually have green or brown backgrounds that help motorists navigate through unfamiliar areas.

Missing or damaged STOP or YIELD signs are considered urgent and may be reported by calling 913-327-6600, during business hours, Monday-Friday,  8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or 913-895-6300 all other times.

To report a traffic signal problem or a non-urgent sign issue, submit a help request through OPCares, the city's customer service system, with a description, location and any other pertinent information.

Residents may contact the city to request a new street sign or traffic signal or sign. All requests are studied by city staff to determine whether the light is warranted and needed according to city policy.