Maintenance of City Property

The city is dedicated to providing quality street, traffic and stormwater maintenance services.

If you need to report a problem, you may contact us by submitting a help request through Overland Park Cares, the city's customer service system, with a description of the problem, location and any other pertinent information.

  • Graffiti Removal
    The city responds to and removes graffiti on public city property.
  • Tree Maintenance¬†within the Right-of-Way
    Trees in the right of way are a shared responsibility between the property owner and the Parks & Forestry Division.
  • Flooding and Stormwater Problems
    The city's storm drainage system is designed to collect water during rainstorms and carry it away from buildings and streets.
  • Street Sweeping
    The street sweepers clean 2,003 lane miles of streets and about 2,021 cul-de-sacs, typically between March and December.
  • Street Improvement Project
    The city annually maintains thoroughfares and residential streets that are aging by milling and overlaying the asphalt pavement, curb and sidewalk repair, and storm sewer replacement.
  • Chip Seal Program
    Every year, Overland Park applies a preventative maintenance treatment called chip seal to designated streets throughout the city.
  • Potholes and Pavement Repairs
    The city maintains more than 2,000 lanes of street pavement and patches thousands of potholes each year.
  • Curb and Sidewalk Repairs & New Sidewalks
    The city maintains over eight million linear feet of curb and 897 miles of sidewalk.
  • Cable Locates
    The Public Works Department performs cable locates for the city's traffic signals and streetlights to prevent damage to wiring and fiber optic cables during digging or excavation.
  • Streetlight Repairs
    The 17,098 streetlights in Overland Park are owned and maintained by the city.
  • Traffic Signal and Sign Repairs
    The city has more than 270 traffic signals and more than 31,000 traffic and street signs.