High-Speed Fiber

AT&T GigaPower

AT&T is installing its primary line to neighborhoods in the southern part of Overland Park and has begun providing service to residential customers.

Currently, contractors hired by AT&T are using underground boring drills, as well as hand-digging in the right-of-way to install a primary line to carry high-speed fiber service to homes.

The work generally follows a four step process:

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  • A company is hired to locate underground utilities such as water, phone, wastewater, natural gas lines and cable so that the fiber installation is done safely and with a minimum amount of service disruption. Paint marks and flags are used to mark the location of these lines.  Please do not remove or relocate any of these markers.
  • Plastic conduit is installed underground. This involves boring equipment, trenching and hand digging.
  • Fiber optic cable is pulled through the conduit and connected to distribution boxes.
  • Fiber optic service lines are run to those houses that sign up for the new service.

Most of the work takes place in the street right-of-way, which is typically within an area that is 11 feet beyond the curb. The city issues permits for this work and does periodic inspections to make sure it is done correctly. Occasionally, work may take place in utility easements, which can be along the side yard or backyard of residential properties.

You can follow areas where right-of-way permits have been issued by checking our citywide fiber map.

Anyone with questions about AT&T GigaPower, whether it is the placement of its fiber or purchasing the service, can either call 913-676-1801 or email AT&T at g43578@att.com

Google Fiber

Google Fiber is currently installing its network infrastructure in Overland Park neighborhoods. Once installation of the network is completed, Google Fiber will then offer its high-speed fiber service.

Google on April 7, 2016, announced signups for small portions of Overland Park. Locations are the northern portion of the city and around 75th and Nall. 

Visit Google Fiber KC for updates and to check your address to find out when Google Fiber is coming to your area.

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As construction of the fiber network gets underway, you can check areas where new work permits have been issued on our citywide fiber map and find answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

Contact Google Fiber directly at 877-454-6959 or fiber-construction-support@google.com about Google Fiber construction work or if property is damaged during construction.

As work progresses, Overland Park will use NotifyJoCo, an alert system, to update you. Go to NotifyJoCo.org and either create an account or sign in.

Overland Park has created a category named “fiberwork” to notify those using NotifyJoCo of right-of-way work that may involve closing a lane on a street. “Fiberwork” will not be used to provide any information about services to be provided by a company.