Stormwater Cost Share Program

Cost Share rainbarrelIan Fannin-Hughes: 913-895-6172

What is the Stormwater Cost Share Program?

The stormwater cost-share program is the City's innovative approach to controlling stormwater quality caused by stormwater runoff. The goal of this program is to encourage individual landowners and businesses to incorporate stormwater projects on their property to aid in the improvement of water quality in the City and downstream in the Missouri River.

Why is stormwater runoff a concern?

As stormwater runoff flows over land and impervious surfaces, it picks up sediment, contaminants, litter, nutrients, and other pollutants which then discharge into the waterways within Overland Park untreated. Unmanaged stormwater could adversely affect these waterways by causing water pollution, stream bank erosion, and even flooding.

How residents/businesses can help

Overland Park has budgeted $10,000 funds for the cost-share program to encourage individual homeowners and businesses to incorporate stormwater projects on their property to capture, slow down and/or soak up stormwater close to its source.

The City will help cover the costs of materials and contractor labor to install rain gardens or native planting swales, buffers, rain barrels and planting native trees.

The City will provide a:

How to participate

Funding is available to applicants on a first come, first serve basis and is subject to the approval of the Public Works Division. Funding will not be allowed for projects that are required to meet Chapter 16.210 of the OPMC.