Sources of Pollution

Trash in a Stream Bed

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Stormwater runoff from rain events is a major source of pollution in local streams and rivers.

Pollution from urban stormwater is a key concern. In urban areas, stormwater runoff from rain or snow picks up sediment, pet waste, pesticides, fertilizers, oils, grease, litter, grass clippings, leaves and other pollutants. This stormwater, and the pollution it carries, flows directly into creeks without treatment.

The quantity and temperature of water flowing to streams is also a concern. The expansion of pavement, buildings and compacted lawns decreases the amount of water that can soak into the ground or be used and released back into the atmosphere by plants.

The temperature of water increases when it runs over hot pavement in the summer; it is much warmer than normal stream flows. This change in the water balance and temperature disrupts the natural ecosystems.