We learn a lot from nature by being in nature. Having access to these natural spaces; the silence, the serenity, the lessons, is critical for personal wellness and appreciation. Take time to go and play in these "wild" places.

  • Rain Barrel

    Stormwater (STF) Cost-Share Program

    Capture rain water and receive compensation through the Stormwater Treatment Facility Cost-Share program for residents and businesses.

  • Streams & Waterways

    Streams & Waterways

    Clean water is critical for drinking, irrigation, agriculture, industry, fishing and recreation.

  • Clean Air. Clear Thinking

    Clean Air. Clear Thinking

    What's your Air Q? Learn more about ozone alerts, air pollutants and how to stay healthy and reduce pollutants.

  • Prairie


    Kansas is known for the prairie. You can learn about this unique resource at the city's 100-plus acre prairie.

  • Urban Forest

    Urban Forest

    Yes, Overland Park has a forest! With over 20,000 trees, and counting, learn where to enjoy this resource.