Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance goes beyond vacuuming debris out of the pool. Proper pool maintenance includes monitoring and adjusting chemical levels, filter backwashing, properly closing the pool at the end of the season and safe storage of chemicals and other supplies.

In Overland Park, to pass a pool inspection, swimming pools must have the proper sanitizer and pH levels. Proper ranges for these levels include:

  • Residual chlorine content between one and five ppm.
  • Bromine levels between 1.5 ppm and six ppm.
  • pH levels between 7.2 and 7.8.

Do not discharge pool water into sanitary sewers. Johnson County Kansas has several suggestions of ways to properly dispose of pool water without harming the environment.

Pool chemicals should be kept in a secure area and should be disposed of at the county's hazardous waste dropoff site.