Car exhaustOzone is harmful to everyone but the elderly, children, and those who have respiratory conditions or asthma are especially vulnerable. Ground-level ozone makes it difficult for the lungs to absorb oxygen and may cause breathing problems such as coughing and airway constriction.

Ground-level ozone (not the ozone layer that protects us from the sun's rays) is formed when emissions react with heat and sunlight. More than half of all emissions that form ozone come from vehicles, paints and solvents and gasoline powered yard equipment.

You can do your part by reducing pollution by mowing and filling up the gas tank in the evening, and carpooling.

Ozone is monitored in the region by several stations. Up-to-date information about the ozone in the air can be found on the Air Quality Index. To find out what tomorrow's ozone levels are predicted to be, go to the SkyCast.