Lawn Chemicals

Man applying fertilizer on lawnLawn chemicals, like pesticides and fertilizers, can help you achieve a lush, green lawn, but when applied incorrectly or excessively they can be damaging both to your yard and area streams, creeks and lakes.

Finding the right balance of fertilizer for your yard can save you time, money and can reduce the amount of excess nutrients flowing into our streamways-reducing pollution and algae growth.

The best way to find that right balance is to get your soil analyzed by a soil testing laboratory. Testing your soil can help you identify the right type and amount of fertilizer to use by assessing the nutrients and pH level of your soil.

In addition, preventive practices like storing chemicals in a dry, covered area, not using chemicals before it rains, not cutting your grass too short, and pulling weeds will get you on the path to keeping your yard healthy for everyone.

For more information on soil testing or keeping your lawn healthy contact Johnson County K-State Extension and Research Offices at 913-715-7000.