Battery Recycling

When appropriately matched to the application, rechargeable batteries reliably power everything from laptops and cell phones to drills and toothbrushes.

The ability of these power cells to take a charge and stand up to high current demand applications makes many of our cordless wonders possible.

Unfortunately, they can't last forever.

Whether the batteries are lithium-ion, lead-acid or nickel-cadmium, all rechargeables eventually lose the ability to take and hold a charge.

When that happens, your only recourse is to replace the battery.

Help our environment by recycling your old rechargeable batteries.

Fortunately, recycling batteries is getting easier.

Many local stores such as Target, Home Depot, Radio Shack, Batteries Plus and Westlake Hardware, as well as our own Overland Park Drop Off Recycling Center, accept your old rechargeables.

Ask your retailer where you can say goodbye to yours.