These days, being green is a whole lot more than recycling.

We are faced with all kinds of choices to help keep a healthy, livable community through back-yard gardens, energy efficient appliances, carpooling, reusing, picking up after our pets and more.

Residents and businesses can get involved in keeping resources clean and healthy by simple steps that really add up.

We challenge you to Be a Green Neighbor by protecting natural resources through energy conservation, reduction of air and water pollution, recycling and staying up-to-date with environmental news through EcoConnect, our online environmental newsletter.

  • At Home

    At Home

    Keeping our environment safe begins at home. Learn about rain barrels, composting, household hazardous materials, energy savings and much more.

  • For Businesses

    For Businesses

    Information for developers, restaurant owners, landscapers, and pool maintenance.

  • Outdoors


    Protecting outdoor places for future generations begins with you. Find out about the natural resources right here in Overland Park that you and your family can enjoy.

  • City Forestry



    City Forestry

    Not only do trees shade our streets and sidewalks, they also filter pollutants from our air, intercept stormwater runoff reducing erosion, cool the air and store carbon. 

  • Events/Volunteering


    Find out more on environmental events and volunteer opportunities held throughout the year. Join the thousands of other residents plant a tree, recycle electronics or monitor a stream.