Turkey Creek Trail to remain open without repairs

A one-mile stretch of bike and hike trail along Turkey Creek will remain partially open, for now.

The trail, which runs parallel to and south of I-35, north of the Cunningham Heights neighborhood, was damaged by a rock slide during major rain events in 2016 and 2017.

Since then, an area of the trail surrounding the rock slide, about halfway between Antioch and Metcalf, has been closed as a safety precaution. Large boulders block the trail and create safety hazards in this area.

The City requested assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to make repairs. The major repair work was not eligible for FEMA assistance.

The City of Overland Park evaluated the current condition of the trail and nearby slopes to identify potential solutions and estimated costs for the trail’s future. These included:

  • Full reconstruction and stabilization along the existing trail. This option has an estimated cost of $7.56 million.
  • Partial repairs and a closure of the trail at the rock slide location, disconnecting each end of the trail. This option has an estimated cost of $1.96 million.
  • Permanent closure of the trail, with an estimated cost of $37,000.

During the engineering study, staff found repairs are needed on the eastern portion of the trail and there is an additional area for potential sliding in the future, to the west of the rock fall.

Monday night, the Community Development committee directed staff not to move forward with any reconstruction. If, in the future, staff determine the trail becomes unsafe, it will be fully closed to protect the public.

The City opened the Turkey Creek Trail in 2013. It cost $1.2 million, in federal and City funding.


Meg Ralph Digital Communications Supervisor City Manager’s Office 913-895-6160