Study to consider future parking options for OP

The City of Overland Park is beginning to develop a community parking strategy, including an update to city parking standards.

Time for an update

The City’s current parking standards were adopted as part of the Unified Development Ordinance in 1990. Included parking standards govern the amount, size, accessibility, lighting, screening and landscaping for parking at all types of development in Overland Park.

Although numerous amendments have taken place over the years, a full review of parking standards has not been completed since their original adoption.

An updated parking strategy would directly support the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Forward OP goals for a more livable, walkable, bikeable, and transit-rich environment and a future with more shared transportation services and vehicle automation.

Research as a first step

Working with national parking experts Stantec, the City will study possible updates to Overland Park’s multi-family, office, and commercial parking standards and mechanisms to invest in our commercial corridors.

As part of this update project, staff will work with the consultant and members of the public to:

  • Build consensus by meeting with and hearing from key stakeholders, including the development community, to understand parking goals, issues, and opportunities.
  • Update parking policy to reflect best practices, including shared parking.
  • Update off-street parking standards to reflect demand and best practices.
  • Update on-street standards to reflect community goals.
  • Review and revise parking design standards to improve aesthetics and reduce potential conflicts between vehicles and other modes of transportation.
  • Explore new funding mechanisms, including Transportation Benefit Districts and other methods to support investment in our commercial corridors.

Project schedule

The schedule below is subject to change and will be refined as the project progresses.

Fall 2020: Project Kickoff

Preliminary data collection, preliminary community conversations

Winter 2021: Assessment Phase

Data analysis, detailed UDO audit, best practice review

Spring/Summer 2021: Strategy Development

Draft parking standards and strategies, final meetings

Public participation

If you would like to learn more about the project or offer any comments, please contact us via the Google Form below.