Speaker series prepares you to help plan City’s future

Residents looking to learn more about planning for the future of Overland Park can now mark their schedules for several upcoming speaker sessions.

The Planning and Development Services Department arranged several speakers to introduce planning topics, spark thinking about high-interest community topics, and receive feedback from you.

The “Planning the Plan” sessions will provide an opportunity for residents to learn about planning topics and provide reaction and feedback to those topics.

Residents will learn about the following topics from industry experts:

  • Transportation trends
  • Fiscally responsible land use
  • Small-scale development
  • Suburban places 
  • Housing trends, and more.

Residents who participate will be better equipped to participate in the City’s upcoming Comprehensive Plan update, which the City will use to evaluate land use, capital planning and budgeting decisions.

The Planning the Plan series will be virtual sessions through an online engagement platform, meaning residents can participate and learn from the comfort of their home or business, at their leisure.

Series Schedule

A link to each video will be available here, as they are published.

Watch the current series and leave your feedback:

Planning the Plan