Pilot program invites e-bikes to City’s bike and hike trails

Overland Park’s bike and hike trails are now even more accessible, thanks to an e-bike pilot program.

E-bikes are bicycles with small electric motors integrated into the frame.

Riders can pedal e-bikes like a regular bicycle, or use the motor to ride farther, faster, and up challenging hills.

Until this summer, e-bikes, along with other motorized vehicles, were not allowed on Overland Park’s bike and hike trails.

An 18-month pilot program will allow cyclists to ride some e-bikes on city trails.

Type 1 and type 3 e-bikes will be allowed. Both types require a cyclist to use pedals to engage the motor assistance.

Type 2 e-bikes, which use a throttle system to engage the motor, are not included in the pilot program and may not be used on city trails.

Signs along the trail will remind all cyclists of trail rules:

  • Share the trail
  • Pedestrians keep right
  • Pass with care
  • Announce your presence when approaching other trail users
  • Travel at a safe speed (20 mph maximum)
  • Don’t block the trail

Other motorized vehicles, such as ATVs and children’s motorized toys, may not be used on city trails.

When the pilot program ends in November 2021, the City will review feedback from residents and trail users to consider whether e-bikes will be allowed on trails permanently.

If you’ve interacted with an e-bike on city trails and want to share your feedback with parks staff, you can do so using OPCares, the City’s online customer service system.

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