Overview Summer 2021

Overview is the city’s quarterly newsletter for residents. It includes news, things to see and do in Overland Park, valuable information for neighborhoods, recreational and environmental news.

The Overview Summer 2021 features articles about

  • The Overland Park Police Department’s K-9 Unit
  • Conversion of residential streetlights to more energy efficient LED bulbs
  • The 2022 budget, expected to be presented to the Governing Body in June
  • Rules on door-to-door solicitation and “No Solicitors” signs
  • Continuing analysis on the future of U.S. 69 Highway
  • The Thompson Park renovation project, which has received multiple awards
  • Keeping your homes association and neighborhood groups up to date
  • A citywide survey sent to randomly selected residents
  • Home remodel projects and which ones require building permits, and more.

The Overview also includes several pages of information about events coming up at the Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical GardensDeanna Rose Children’s Farmsteadcommunity centers, the Overland Park Farmers’ Market, and more.

Read the Overview when it comes to your home, or online now.