Overland Park releases severance agreement with former police officer

The City of Overland Park has released the resignation and severance agreement between the City and former Overland Park Police Officer Clayton Jenison.

Jenison resigned from the Police Department in 2018 after a deadly officer-involved shooting.

In 2018, the City determined Jenison had not violated City policy and therefore did not have a legal basis to terminate him.

The resignation and severance agreement allowed the City to end Jenison’s employment quickly and decisively without a lawsuit, which could have resulted in Jenison remaining an employee of the City and the additional costs of litigation.

The City considered Jenison’s resignation and severance agreement to be a personnel record under Kansas law, and historically has not released its employees’ personnel records, unless required by law.

The Johnson County District Court, after acknowledging that no court had determined whether such an agreement must be disclosed to the public, concluded the agreement must be disclosed.

The City respects the Court‘s decision and in accordance with its ruling, the City has released the agreement, with the Court-approved redactions, available at the link below.

Also included in the resources below is a document that includes frequently-asked questions regarding Jenison’s resignation and severance agreement.